31 August 2010

Wollmeise, within striking distance.

A wee sampling
Mr. dilettant and I have been in Munich for almost exactly two months now, and I have to concede that Germany has been good to my knitterly tendencies.  Not only does Bavaria have a rich handcrafting history and culture, but I found an English-speaking knitting group through Toytown almost immediately.  

I showed up to their stitch n bitch our second week here, and couldn't help but notice that 1) the group was super-friendly and welcoming, and 2) at least half of the group was working on projects in cult favorite Wollmeise yarn.  I inquired on the topic, and yes, the Wollmeise was just a quick train ride away, and did I know she was having a sale in mid-August?  

Before I knew it I was sitting on the train with a gaggle of enablers, en route to Pfaffenhofen.  Thirty minutes later we debarked in the small, typical Bavarian village, and hoofed it across town the the brick-and-mortar store.  And this wasn't just Wollmeise...this was Wollmeise on sale.  Veterans shoppers informed the newbies that that whole middle row of shelving had been brought in to accommodate all the extra fire sale inventory.  

I had been well-advised to come with a plan of attack and a dedicated sum of cash.  Even having taken preparatory measures...well, it was sensory overload.  Those colors.  Egads.  It didn't help that the ten of us had descended at once like a swarm of locusts, reinforcing one another's general sense of befuddlement.  

After much internal and external debate, I checked out with two matching skeins of 100% merino sock, one skein of twin, and one skein of lace weight.  As it turned out I ended up with considerably more yardage than I'd expected AND stayed under budget, mostly because the skeins are so generous.  The sock yarn was skeined up in 150g/510yd (466m) increments, and the lace weighed in at 300g/1717yd (1570m).  In case you're counting, that's barely shy of a mile.

Without further ado, the yarn pr0n:
Wow.  My color choices are predictable.

Die Auster.
Being that this is all sale yarn, there's ostensibly something wrong with it.  The only flaw I found was one knot in the twin...and I did have to guess at the colorways.  I can live with that.

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