18 January 2016

Moving Day

Come join me over at the new website! It's not 100% fleshed out, but the blog is up and running and the pattern page is up to date.

07 November 2014


Haven't checked in here for a good long while, but I thought I'd drop by for a minute today - only to find that there's something crazy happening with my header and other bits of the design. So I guess that'll be the kick in the pants that I need to get things spruced up. It's been a pretty crazy year here - we bought an old creaky house in Salem and have a super active toddler overrunning it at all hours, among other things. There are exciting fibery things happening as well, including but not limited to a couple of recently published designs and a whole pantload of upcoming ones. And I learned to spin over the summer! If we're being real here (and really, let's) I probably won't get things looking pretty/make some platform decisions/generally have any idea whether my head is attached to my body until January at least. But I do like the exercise of writing words if nothing else, so I'll try to at least do a bit of that. Plus I should probably get on the self-promotion and pop up a couple of dedicated design posts. 

And now it's off to load an ornery almost-2-year-old into the car! He is not impressed.

28 February 2014

FO Friday: Ravellenics edition

Uniform! -

So I was pretty amped to finish this up on time to win a gold - i.e. complete my knitting goal (in this case, starting and finishing this sweater) while the Olympics were running. I didn't do a whole lot of Olympics watching while I worked (we don't have cable, so it was NBC coverage or nothing).

I was pretty uncertain about yardage up until I'd worked about half of the yoke. To stretch my 9.5 skeins of O-Wool Legacy DK in the main color, Clay, I added two-tone green stripes in the same base. I saved my sleeve cuffs for the very end for yardage insurance, but that was about it for changes. Oh - I also knit the garter hem and sleeves one needle size down from specified. Even so, I think the hem could stand to draw in a little more - it's got a couple inches of positive ease at the hip which I find unflattering. To be clear, I knit a size larger than I usually would for positive ease everywhere else - this was my own problem/mistake and nothing to do with the pattern. My excessive height exacerbates the issue, as it hits me at a higher/narrower place on the hip than it would on a more average sized person.

Anyway, I found the pattern to be generally excellent. I did find a small error which was promptly addressed and I don't feel made much of an impact on the finished garment. It includes different options for body shaping and length, sleeve shaping, patch/inset pockets, a belt, and a plain vs shawl collar. Here's my longer body, fitted waist, no-pocket/no belt, straight sleeve, plain button-band version:

...Aaaaand, you can't see it at all, right? Sorry - didn't have time for proper self-portraiture... the closing ceremonies were mere hours away when I photographed it.

13 February 2014

new pattern - Hipster Cred

Godawful weather got you down? How about a superwarm, superfun colorwork hat for everyone in the family? (You might enjoy it even if your view of the road, unlike ours, isn't currently obscured by snow.)

We managed some more pro photos, with open eyes and everything, but I think this one's the most fun.
Here are the particulars:
Hipster Cred is an easy stranded colorwork hat sized from newborn to extra large adult. Every size includes beanie instructions; adult sizes include a slouch option as well. Samples shown are the Adult Med/Lg slouch, and the Toddler beanie. The sample yarns make for a dense and warm hat; consider using a lighter weight dk if you’d like a bit more drape in your finished product. As with any stranded colorwork project, be sure to keep your floats relaxed!
The stranded colorwork pattern is given in charted format only.
Colorwork pattern, larger needles: 22 sts and 23 rnds = 4˝/10cm
Newborn, (Baby, Toddler, Kid Sm/Med, Kid Lg/Adult Sm, Adult Med/Lg, Adult XL): 12.75 (14.5, 16.25, 18.25, 20, 21.75, 23.75)˝/32.5 (37, 41.5, 46.5, 51, 55, 60.5)cm circumference at brim, unstretched. Baby/kids’ sizes are for beanie only; largest 3 sizes include instructions for beanie and slouch.
Beanie: 40 (60, 70, 80, 95, 105, 115)yd/37 (55, 64, 73, 87, 96, 105)m MC; 25 (40, 45, 55, 70, 85, 95)yd/23 (37, 41, 50, 64, 78, 87)m CC. 
Slouch: - (-, -, -, 105, 115, 120)yd/- (-, -, -, 96, 105, 110)m MC; - (-, -, -, 85, 95, 100)yd/- (-, -, -, 78, 87, 91)m CC. 
Sample yarns: 
MC: O-Wool Legacy DK - 100% Organic Merino Wool - 130yd/119m/50g skein; Colors - Clay (Toddler), Charcoal (Adult Lg). 
CC: Cascade Yarns Casablanca - 59% Wool, 24% Silk, 17% Mohair - 220yd/201m/100g skein; Colors - 15/Southwest Desert (Toddler), 6/Teals (Adult Lg).
Additional Materials 
- Set of US 4/3.5mm DPNs or circ (your preferred length for given circumference) 
- Set of US 7/4.5mm DPNs and/or circ (your preferred length for given circumference) or size needed to obtain gauge 
- Stitch marker 
- Darning needle
Available as a Ravelry download for $4.90

24 January 2014

sort-of-new pattern: Crystallize

I actually released this last week, right before Ike came down with a stomach flu that steamrolled its way through the rest of the family. We're all back to eating food now, and he's attempting an actual nap in his actual crib at the moment (rather than fussing himself into few a minutes of fitful sleep in my arms), so without further ado:

Crystallize is a lovely use for a single small skein of lace or light fingering weight yarn. Choose a base with elasticity to ensure a lasting fit. This slouchy beret is worked from the crown down to the brim. It features fun and unusual start that looks clean and professional. A counterpane lace motif grows outward from the cast on, and is given in charted format.
St st, larger needles: 31 sts and 50 rnds = 4˝/10cm 
1x1 Rib, smaller needles: 40 sts and 60 rnds = 4˝/10cm 

Adult Small (Large): 23.25 (25)˝/59 (63.5)cm circumference at widest point; 16.5 (18)˝/42 (45.5)cm circumference at brim, unstretched; 9 (10)˝/23 (25.5)cm deep. 
Isager Strik Alpaka 2 - 50% Alpaca, 50% Wool - 270yd/244m/50g skein, 1 skein, or about 230yd/210m (270yd/247m) of another lace to light fingering weight yarn. 
Additional Materials 
- Set of 5 US 2/2.75mm* DPNs and circ (your preferred length for given circumference); 
- US 0/2.0mm* circ (your preferred length for given circumference), 
or size needed to obtain gauge 
- 4 Stitch markers; 3 of one color and 1 of another; 
- Darning needle

The original version of this pattern appeared as the “Flyaway Beret” in Knitscene’s Winter 2012 issue. Crystallize includes updated charts, extended sizing, and an adjusted gauge.

Available as a PDF Ravelry download for $5.50
(no account required)

13 December 2013


The wee babe turned one last weekend.

Having already celebrated thoroughly the previous weekend...

...we opted to skip the (more) cake and (more) presents, and head into town instead.

We were a bit skeptical about the tyke's ability to hold still long enough to make the train ride in, but he did a great job (note the nerdy matching hats).

We met with some lovely friends in the North End for pasta (no documentation of this portion of the festivities; all were too covered in garlic butter and/or bolongese to handle the camera), then we took a brisk walk to the aquarium.

staring at penguins

staring at fish

definitely not staring at dada

The little man was very into the seals and penguins and fish and turtles, and had a ball until we had to jam him back into warm clothes to hustle and catch our train. It helped that it was relatively quiet and that the aquarium is set up as one long series of ramps, so he basically got to run around like a madman all afternoon... his very favorite thing to do, and a very fitting birthday gift, I happen to think.