03 November 2010

WIPing right along, sort of

I'm hard at work on some deadline knitting right now, so please excuse the rushed post.  My sister-in-law (hi Katy) is getting married on November 20th, and I'm trying like the dickens to get her wedding stole finished and blocked before we get on the plane.  It's about halfway done now, and I have a exactly a week left for actual knitting if I don't want to pack it into my suitcase still wet.  The option remains to finish it on the plane since we're flying home early, but I'd really rather not cut it that close and have to MacGyver a blocking setup stateside.

The stole in question is Lily Chin's Reversible Cabled-Rib Shawl,* and it is what it sounds like.  The pattern is elegantly simple and relatively mindless except for the cable turns, which at 24 stitches wide are fiddly little buggers.  I'm working it on smaller than recommended needles in Colourmart 2/28 cashmere yarn.  This stuff came on a 150g/2300m cone, and I'm feeling pretty accomplished for having made a dent in it.  Evidence of progress:
About 1m o' stole.
Should grow substantially when blocked.

*Ravelry link.  If you don't have an account, seriously consider getting one.  It's free and awesome.

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