16 May 2011

the western front

The blog's been awfully quiet lately.  It's not for lack of activity around here, it's just that I've been hard at work on a lot of test knitting and design-ey type stuff...not the sort of projects that make for good blog fodder, since they're mostly top-secret.

I'm not sworn to secrecy for everything, though.  I finished a test of the lovely Windcatcher Shawl by Inese Andzane not too long ago.  I think the relatively simple lace was an ideal application for my single skein of Wollmeise Sock in Die Auster.

A rare shot of the elusive shawl in its native habitat,
reclining in the sun.
And a not-so-glamorous scrunched-up-
around-the-neck shot.

Another test, this one for Alice of Socktopus fame, was facilitated by some deep stash diving:

Spring Shoots in some Araucania Ranco Multy
that's been kicking around my stash since
the beginning of time, give or take a year.

Just the one sock was required for testing purposes, but I'm halfway through its mate already...less than a week later.  Brilliant, unusual construction details have kept second sock syndrome safely at bay.  Keep your eyes peeled for Alice's book, due out this fall.

And with that, it's back to the needles for me.

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