06 July 2011

once more, with a feeling

I'm almost done cranking out version 2.0 of my very own first design for self-publication.  Very exciting! I literally have about another two inches left to work on the back, plus two short lengths of strap and some three-needle binding off - then blocking!

Version 1.0 is knit in Wollmeise Lace in the too-gorgeous Admiral colorway:

Initially I thought 100% merino might be a bit sweaty for a summer top (of course this doesn't have to be just a summer top...), but after some field testing it's proven to be surprisingly breathable and comfy.  Maybe not great for Arizona in July, but here in Southern Germany it's pretty perfect.

While the overall effect of the first prototype is more or less what I'd envisioned, 2.0 is getting some tweaks.  First of all, it's in a 50/50 merino/silk blend from DyeForYarn...which is stunning and so nice to work with.  I'm excited to see the drape once it's blocked.  Structurally, I changed the hem, "seams"*, and selvedges to a stitch pattern that works better all around; added waist shaping, and re-jiggered some of the neckline and racerback deets.  I should finish the very last of the back early tomorrow, hopefully having come up with some fabulously elegant strategy for getting the shape just right in my sleep.  Or I'll make it happen by sheer force of will.  Fingers crossed for the former.

*no pieces were seamed in the making of this garment

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