01 August 2011

new twist

The fall issue of Twist Collective is live!

I'm especially loving Crane Creek by Sandi Rosner, Grenadine by Amy Christoffers, and Mary Jane Mucklestone's Kirkwall socks.

...and of course Academia by Adriana Hernandez, which I test knit back in May:

I was interested to see that the Kirkwall socks are knit in the same yarn I used for the vest - Quince & Co's Chickadee.  I loved working with it, and found it fabulous for colorwork - really squishy and bouncy; blocks like a dream (even if my apartment did smell like a wet sheep for two days while it dried).  But...for socks?  I have to say the ease with which it spit spliced really doesn't bode well for its footwear potential.  Remove the feet, and those would make a bangin' pair of legwarmers.  Or sub in some sport weight superwash.

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  1. This is super gorgeous. Nice work! Just found your blog and it is lovely :)