02 December 2011


When I frogged my Academia Vest, most of the yarn got a bath and went on to greener (better fitting) pastures.  Some of it, however, was hopelessly kinked, discolored, and in bits too short to bother futzing around with.  The stranded work produced some unusually interesting Ramen, with kinks at regular intervals depending on the row of colorwork it had come from.  We happened to also have some empty picture frames laying forlornly about the apartment, waiting to be filled with some weird wall art and, well, this happened:

See? ...It's a jellyfish.

The body is made of medium-weight cardstock inexpertly embroidered with a darning needle.  I played around with the tentacles until I was happy with their arrangement, then sandwiched the whole thing together and secured the frame before it could slide out of place.