12 January 2012

back from the blag hole

blag hole, n: blogging black hole, "black hole" as pronounced by someone with a head cold

[both applicable]

Got back to Munich on Monday, after an extended holiday trip to New England.  Lots of family, lots of friends; a gloriously unproductive time had by all.

I finished the man sweater in time for Christmas!  Barely.  As in December 23rd.  With a whole 36 hours left for blocking.  Why no FO photos?  Because it gives the hubs allergic asthma (goddamn you, ultra-wooly yarn).  Here's a pre-steek/being ridiculous photo for a general sense of the thing.

I kind of cocked up the steek, but managed to rescue it (thanks, ultra wooly yarn).  Maybe I'll get a modeled shot of the final product on the handsome fella himself once it's had a few additional baths and hopefully no longer closes off his airways.  If all else fails, I'll try to shrink it just a little and then wear it myself.  So there.

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