07 March 2012

spring knitty, etc

I've been hard at work on secret stuff, so not much to share in the way of actual knitting here at the homestead. Let's look at other people's patterns instead: the spring/summer issue Knitty is live. I can't say I'm totally blown away. Unless they're terribly innovative, I can't seem to get excited about shawlettes lately... and this seems to be the shawlette issue, so there you go.

Their thumbnails didn't catch me but upon further inspection Gemini and Flaming June are both lovely, wearable-looking garments (a raglan pullover and open cardigan, respectively). Some nice socks to be found as well. Tootsie features a simple, striped pattern, shown in two solid colors but would look great with one solid and one variegated or maybe even two variegateds. Will be testing this hypothesis. Carousel looks cool as hell, but probably totally impractical. Waiting on project pages to start popping up before I even consider it.

A windfall of a vacation fell into my lap today - I'll be whisked off to Tuscany in exactly one week. Secret knitting shall be washed, blocked, and in the mail no later than Monday, then maybe I'll knit on someone else's (non-beta) patterns for a change on the long car ride south. Assuming that I spend any time not staring out the windows...

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