30 June 2012

FO: Westport Shawl

When I received my really exciting copy of the summer Knitscene, after jumping around a bit, I of course paged through to see what else was in it. One of my favorite projects, and the first one I decided to knit, was Sarah Wilson's Westport Shawl. It seemed like a good fit for the leftovers from a never-ending skein of Wollmeise Lace-Garn in Neptun (also seen in: the original prototype for Castanea Sativa and an upcoming small accessory pattern). It turned out to be a pretty quick knit and one that I really enjoyed. There's something magical about following a well-conceived pattern written by, mercifully, someone else. No constant second-guessing of the wording, no wondering if I'm glossing over an error that I've read to many times to actually see it.

All that aside, here's the finished object, pre-blocking:

...and post- :

Only one mod: Since I was considerably under the recommended yardage (and slightly under the actual required yardage), I checked weight and eliminated a single center repeat. Since the shawl is symmetrical and knit sideways in one piece, it's really easy to customize for more or less yarn/more or less length.


  1. Gorgeous! It looks really wearable and I love the color.

    1. Thank you! It's a great pattern - totally wearable.