21 July 2012

Cornflower Cardigan

The Interweave Knits fall preview is up, and my pattern is in it!

The sample was a true marathon knit, and one of my more ambitious projects to date - stranded, steeked (in superwash; eek!), short-row-shaped... and written, charted, and graded of course. I took a few pictures wearing the sample before sending it out. It's the smallest size and I'm wearing it with very little ease (apparently it had relaxed a bit by the time it got to the IK offices; the final sizes are a bit larger than I'd intended...such is the hazard of superwash). The intention is to include a decent amount of ease for coziness and layering capabilities, but I think it looks okay either way.

I'm not actually hungover here, but damned if I don't look it


  1. It's a gorgeous sweater, you should be very proud! And congrats on being featured in Interweave!

    1. Thank you so much! It's so exciting to see my little sweater in print :)