09 July 2012

Crosshatch: hot tip

So I actually shot, did some perfunctory editing of, and uploaded a video to the youtubes. I feel so technologically... semi-competent. 

This goes along with the Crosshatch pattern that just came out. It's how I ended up wrangling all those wiggly elongated drop-stitches a bit more efficiently. While this works great for me as a thrower, continental people might not find it quite as convenient (but possibly still better than keeping it on the needles). This only deals with the second "special" pattern row - after the wraps are all lined up. It also doesn't address the beginning and end of round special stuff - just all the many stitches in between.

If I sound allergic and self-conscious, that's because I am. At least one of those things may improve in the future; guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

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