15 September 2012

burying the lead

So I tinkered with the featherweight yet again. I can wear it sort of comfortably now, though the band still does some weird things. Thought I'd successfully wrangled it over a year ago with this little solution, but it was less than ideal. The bands were unattractively distorted when I tried to wear it, and it wanted to ride up in front and (still) slide off my shoulders. It was better - not physically falling off - but still not getting any wear.

New solution: hook and eye closures

Persistent band problems in evidence here

Something else
in evidence here

I-cord picked out; button removed; hook and eye closures carefully installed. At this rate I'm going to run through my little 5g ball of leftovers pretty soon.

Anyway, you may have noticed from the photos that a steady diet of beer and pretzels appears to be taking its toll. But seriously folks, that's a baby in there. I'm due in late November. We're pretty darn excited. 

/burying the lead

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