23 November 2012

FO Friday: sea(foam) monkeys, tiny booties

Weekly FO logging seems like a good habit to get into, at least between now and Christmas... though who's to say what kind of blogging will occur once the kid shows up.

Stuff for feet, adult-sized and otherwise:

Might overdye these. I'm pretty into the color, but they're
intended for someone with more refined taste.
Hardly seems reasonable counting these, but the ends are
woven in and everything, so there.

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A. 
Yarn: Regia Design Line Hand-Dye Effect by Kaffe Fassett
Mods: One repeat shorter in the leg. I have a lot of socks to finish in the next month.
Comments: There's a reason everyone and their uncle has knitted these socks. I may crank out another pair for the ol' gift knitting pile; maybe the no-purl variety next time. 

Pattern: Hodge by Stella Lange
Yarn: handgefaerbt.com Sockenwolle
Mods: None, except to tighten the gauge. 
Comments: Loved this pattern. Plus learned a new skill: Russian grafting!

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