18 January 2013

like a weed

Remember this guy? 5 pounds, 14 ounces; unusually tiny, especially given the size of his parents? Seemed like it would be an eternity (or at least spring) before he fit into his hand knit sweaters.

Well, we went to his first doctor's appointment yesterday, and at five weeks he's shot from the 5th weight percentile to the 50th.

It's pretty chilly out today, and I thought it would be wise to try on one of his sweaters again:

screamy, but at least
 the sweater is visible?

Better get all the wear out of it now that we can; who knows how big he'll be next week...

Oh, and I finally found the booties. They were in my sock drawer (?). Somehow that must have made sense in my post-delivery, sleep-deprived fugue state in the first few days home from the hospital. He's way, way outgrown them already. Ah, well... they'll be in pristine condition for someone else's newborn.


  1. They never ever stop growing! He's so beautiful Amanda, you should be so PROUD =o)

    1. Thanks Megan! He's blasting through his newborn clothes at an uncanny rate :)