07 February 2013

the mother of invention...

Well, I never would have guessed that I'd get a ton of exercise whilst knitting, but circumstances have made it so.

The kiddo (2 months old tomorrow, btw) has been having some wicked reflux problems over the last few days. He who was so easily and reliably going down for a nice long afternoon nap for about a week or so prior suddenly could get to sleep okay, but started thrashing around and waking himself up, over and over again, not more than 5 minutes after being lain down. Meanwhile, I have three samples and patterns due within the next month, the yarn for one of which didn't arrive until today. Mind you, these samples are due back in the US, so in reality I've got about a 2 week turnaround to contend with.

Enter The Wrap. As I told a fellow knit-grouper the other day, it's not really a parenting philosophy thing, attachment or otherwise... it's just a matter of survival. The kid's been doing all his daytime sleeping since Monday or so hanging off of dear old Mom (and occasionally Dad as well; credit where it's due) His sleep situation's been improving somewhat in the last 48 hours or so, but he's still been super restless, requiring a ton of "deep bouncing", i.e. squats and/or lunges, to get to, then stay, asleep.

Any member of the public who might have seen me in the last week would surely think me insane, knitting on a heavy wool sweater with a baby attached to me whilst doing calisthenics. But I'm pretty sure I'm putting a dent in the baby weight...

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