20 June 2011


I'm feeling pretty clever regarding my latest, heavily altered, nearly F'd O.  Here's a progress shot:

Brought it to knitting group on Sunday and finished the last remaining sleeve cap; plus got a start on weaving in the ends.  All that remains is to block it and choose [possibly purchase] and attach buttons.  I'm not wild about the idea of button shopping, but there are ten button holes ... and I'm not so sure I have ten matching buttons of the correct size lying around.  More on the alterations and whathaveyou once the finishing's finished.  Meanwhile ...

My new favorite hot weather libation:

I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a name, since it's a decidedly international effort including a mixer named after one of the fifty United States but available (as far as I can tell) only in Germany ... and gin.  Plus some lime and whatever fresh herbs are kicking around the kitchen garden/crisper.

Appropriately(?) enough, the exclusively European soda in question is called "Californian Citrus Summer*".  I'm not going to get involved in a discussion of the citrus growing season in California.  Far more important than its questionable nomenclature is its nicely balanced bittersweet effervescence, which makes a delightfully unexpected, but appropriate, foil for the faithful standby that is Gordon's.

Kalifornischen Sommer:

- Ice
- London dry gin
- Schweppes Californian Citrus Summer soda
- Lime wedge
- Fresh herb sprig(s), bruised (optional)

Place a few cubes of ice in your fancy Ikea tumbler.  Squeeze lime wedge over, drop into glass.  Pour gin, then soda in preferred ratio.  I like about a 1 to 1 ratio because I am a lush have a refined palate, and prefer my drinks strong rather than sweet.  If desired, bruise and drop in fresh herbs for a flavorful garnish.  I used basil and some fennel fronds in the serving picture above, and found it to be a really nice combo.  Stir, sip, and enjoy.

*Possible substitutes include any suitably dry citrus sodas.  Grapefruit soda comes to mind, maybe mixed with some sparkling limeade or "orange dry" if you want to get fancy.

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