24 June 2011

creative solution

My modded version of the wildly popular Audrey in Unst cardi is done drying, and will be getting its buttons shortly.  I knit it in rescued Chickadee from Quince & Co that was originally purchased for a colorwork project...which means that I really didn't have enough of any one color to knit the whole thing.  So instead of a lace bib, I stuck in a few repeats of False Flame Stitch (a slipped stitch stripe pattern) from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury.  Three repeats of the pattern in four colors on the front and back stretched my main color enough to get the button- and neckbands done, as well as some short sleeves.

Here it is, pre-blocking:

Why yes, that is a crochet hook in my pocket.
Notice that it is goofily short here.  It is still a little shrunken-sweatergirl-sweater looking in its post-blocking state, but in a less ridiculous way.

Further deets and FO photos to follow.

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