09 August 2011

back to the pfaff...


Visited Wollmeise today, on day two of the "Unglücksrabenwoche" - the annual summer sale week.  All the regular inventory hides to make space for "unlucky" skeins - offered at a considerable discount.  I made off with four skeins of sock weight - one in Twin and the other three in 100% merino.  Tomorrow, when there's light to do it by, I'll photograph them in compromising positions.  For now I'll share a couple pictures of the makeshift WM bird display.  Birdies were knit up as a surprise for Claudia by grateful shop patrons, many of which happen to be in my knitting group.

That's my guy (green Chubby Chirp) on the far right 

I hate to pick favorites, but yeah, these are my favorites
The flock as of Tuesday AM

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