12 August 2011

mon cherry

Oh noes!
Ravelry isn't working.  This even more of a problem than it usually would be, because I was in the middle of (finally) posting a testing thread for the tank top that I've been obsessively meticulously getting ready for prime time.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I've been meaning to share more summery boozy goodness while it's still weather and seasonal produce-appropriate, so here's my take on the always-refreshing mint julep:

Mon Cherry:

- four ripe amarena cherries, pitted
- a few sprigs of mint
- 1-2 tsps fine white sugar
- 2 1/2 oz bourbon (Jim Beam in this case)
- ice, crushed if you're fancy
- soda water to taste

Place cherries, mint, and sugar in glass.  If your bar is better-appointed than mine, a highball glass would be nice.  Muddle thoroughly.  Add plenty of ice, bourbon.  Top with a couple glugs soda water, stir, and enjoy.  Maybe whilst taking in a horse race.

Say it with me - "Ahhhhhh"

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