22 April 2012

crane creek

Nearly a month of silence around here...not great. Not that there's not a lot going on; quite the opposite. More to come on things of a secretive nature.

Meanwhile, I finally finished my Crane Creek cardi.

Luckily(?), after having put in a brief appearance about six weeks ago, spring has petered out here in Bavaria. Cold and rain = instant sweater enjoyment, even when it's nearly May.

I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised to be totally delighted with it. The fit is great for me; as I mentioned on my project page, while I did add about 2" of length to the body, I knit the sleeves to specs. They're a bit long (no complaints) even on my lanky self - so non-Amazons may want to take precautions. My reservations about the project were mostly yarn/fabric-related - I was worried that it really wouldn't hold up well, and also that it might be really itchy considering the amount of veg matter I was picking out along the way. But! So soft a cozy. Given the rather skinny sleeves and the glorious shawl collar, next-to-skin softness makes the difference between wardrobe staple and big letdown. Pill-proclivity remains to be assessed.


  1. Very nice! Like the colour choice too.

  2. I like your assessment of your project! I hope it becomes a wardrobe staple and is resistant to pilling because it looks great!