14 June 2012

little things

I've had a really unproductive morning. That is to say, unproductive in the strict physical sense that nothing accomplished = no work done. I guess one could call concentrated tinkering with an idea that eventually leads to a dead end somehow productive in that at least I can abandon it and move on? Grumble, grumble.

On a positive note, here are two small, pleasant surprises that are making me happy today:

1. Begonias make unexpectedly hardy cut flowers. We had a very windy rainstorm about a week ago and my nice new plant got pretty beaten up. I salvaged most of the flowers and buds lying about the balcony in the morning and stuck them in some water, and a week later they're continuing to open and brighten up the windowsill.

2. I've had great luck with apricots this spring. Most years I stalk them for awhile at the store, try them when they start looking temptingly ripe and end up disappointed. (Is it just me? Are they often just sort of mealy and flavorless?) This year though, we're already on our second kilo. Yum.

Here's a picture with some random filters applied:

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