23 September 2013

new(ish) pattern: resonance cardi

(c) SweetGeorgia Yarns Inc
This one was a collaboration with SweetGeorgia Yarns. It's knit in three sideways pieces before seaming and picking up for the short-row-shaped, short sleeves. There's a little short-row shaping thrown into the body as well for a slight A-line silhouette. I'd originally planned on including instructions for tiny buttons, but the finished fabric was just too light and delicate. So: a shawl pin works nicely, or it can be worn open.

<ramble> Yikes. This was a pretty ambitious project to be turning out during the low-brainpower days of late pregnancy and early mommahood (adult sized cardigan, laceweight, unusual construction). It was the first in a traffic jam of accepted submissions with due dates ranging all the way from February to March... that needed extra lead time for international shipping to boot. I felt a little silly for overextending myself so badly, but imagined that I'd have endless sleepless hours of nursing and hanging out with the new wee one to devote to knitting. Endless sleepless hours: check. Anyone who's had an extra-fussy baby can imagine the rest. Anyway, it all worked out somehow, no small thanks to an excellent baby daddy.

Another aside while I'm at it: I almost always take a few photos of samples on myself to show what they look like on a different size/shape person than the model, and to just have a couple straightforward non-artsy shots to show details that I may need to refer back to. You'll notice that that wasn't exactly in the cards for this coming group of patterns, har har (except maybe I'll include a hilarious one of a sweater that was supposed to have a lot - like 6-8" - of positive ease, that I squeezed into before shipping it out.)/<ramble>

Anyway, I'm pretty much in love with CashSilk Lace. It's even better than it sounds.

The pattern's available as a Ravelry download here.

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