09 November 2013

Fiber. Art.

Ike and I went to the deCordova museum and sculpture park a couple weekends ago with some friends. There were yarny things inside...

...and yarny (rope-y, really) things outside.

This huge installation piece was super cool. "The work is comprised of 1.4 million feet of rope collected from the Eastern seaboard", according to the website. Hand knotted. Really puts those cabled sweaters into perspective. It was a perfectly crisp New England autumn day, the leaves were at their peak, the babies were agreeable. Successful all around, I'd say. I do wish I'd done a better job taking pictures, but with the tyke running (not figuratively) everywhere and doing his best to climb the artwork and eat the leaves, I'll count it as a win that I got a handful of usable ones. 

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