05 December 2013

new! shiny! Winter 2013

I somehow missed Twist Collective's Winter issue rollout this year. Guessing it happened December 1st? Anyway, as usual, no disappointment here. Lots I'd love to be knitting if I had a minute. I'm not going to lie; it takes something special to make me look twice at a two-color shawl(ette) these days, but Cypri by Amanda Scheuzger does the job. Amy Christoffers kills it yet again with her gracefully cabled funnel-neck pullover Calabash, and new-to-me Thayer Preece Parker contributes a lovely pullover called Tarian with allover Gansey/Guernsey style texture patterning.

The new Knitty is out as well, and I hate to be predictable but superstars Norah Gaughan and Franklin Habit are topping my fantasy-space-time-continuum-aberration knitting list with Lempster (cabley-goodness pullover) and  Princess Franklin (badass plaid "collar"/cowl), respectively.

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