13 December 2013


The wee babe turned one last weekend.

Having already celebrated thoroughly the previous weekend...

...we opted to skip the (more) cake and (more) presents, and head into town instead.

We were a bit skeptical about the tyke's ability to hold still long enough to make the train ride in, but he did a great job (note the nerdy matching hats).

We met with some lovely friends in the North End for pasta (no documentation of this portion of the festivities; all were too covered in garlic butter and/or bolongese to handle the camera), then we took a brisk walk to the aquarium.

staring at penguins

staring at fish

definitely not staring at dada

The little man was very into the seals and penguins and fish and turtles, and had a ball until we had to jam him back into warm clothes to hustle and catch our train. It helped that it was relatively quiet and that the aquarium is set up as one long series of ramps, so he basically got to run around like a madman all afternoon... his very favorite thing to do, and a very fitting birthday gift, I happen to think.

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