28 February 2014

FO Friday: Ravellenics edition

Uniform! -

So I was pretty amped to finish this up on time to win a gold - i.e. complete my knitting goal (in this case, starting and finishing this sweater) while the Olympics were running. I didn't do a whole lot of Olympics watching while I worked (we don't have cable, so it was NBC coverage or nothing).

I was pretty uncertain about yardage up until I'd worked about half of the yoke. To stretch my 9.5 skeins of O-Wool Legacy DK in the main color, Clay, I added two-tone green stripes in the same base. I saved my sleeve cuffs for the very end for yardage insurance, but that was about it for changes. Oh - I also knit the garter hem and sleeves one needle size down from specified. Even so, I think the hem could stand to draw in a little more - it's got a couple inches of positive ease at the hip which I find unflattering. To be clear, I knit a size larger than I usually would for positive ease everywhere else - this was my own problem/mistake and nothing to do with the pattern. My excessive height exacerbates the issue, as it hits me at a higher/narrower place on the hip than it would on a more average sized person.

Anyway, I found the pattern to be generally excellent. I did find a small error which was promptly addressed and I don't feel made much of an impact on the finished garment. It includes different options for body shaping and length, sleeve shaping, patch/inset pockets, a belt, and a plain vs shawl collar. Here's my longer body, fitted waist, no-pocket/no belt, straight sleeve, plain button-band version:

...Aaaaand, you can't see it at all, right? Sorry - didn't have time for proper self-portraiture... the closing ceremonies were mere hours away when I photographed it.

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